Are Montana voters the smartest in USA?

I just finished reading a very interesting article from Yahoo!, titled Montana Senator Holds on Despite Obama Drag.  Although the article doesn’t at first seem to be groundbreaking in any way, it actually is.  The jist of the article is that, despite Romney holding a HUGE lead over Obama, the incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator (Sen. Jon Tester) seems to be hanging onto to his small lead over his GOP opponent, Rep Denny Rehberg.  Seems odd, doesn’t it?

In today’s hyper-polarized electorate, most voters simply vote all liberal or all conservative…no questions asked (I have certainly been guilty of this in the past).  Very few voters choose a split ticket, which is when someone votes for both GOP and Democratic candidates.  In other words, Montana voters are actually considering the merits of the people they vote for…shocker!!!

So, here is an open-ended question to complete this post…have you or someone you know ever voted a split ticket?  I definitely have…but not in a long while.  Perhaps I should take a cue from those clearly insightful Montana voters and not be quite so rigid.  I could definitely see myself voting for someone other than a liberal.  After all, I do support gun rights and the death penalty.  The problem is that the politicians who also favor those ideas are nearly always opposed to things like the freedom to marry who you choose or the right for all to have access to a quality education and healthcare.  So, I suppose I’m still leaning towards all things liberal in my voting preferences.  I am, after all, an educator.  I think it’s actually illegal for teachers to be Republican, isn’t it?!?!?



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