Things I’m Loving Right Now (10/6/12)

*Actress/Comedian – Rebel Wilson – do you remember her?  She was the scene-stealing roommate of Kristen Wig in Bridesmaids and can currently be seen in the new movie, Pitch Perfect.  I happened to catch a glimpse of her on the Ellen show this week as well…this woman is FUNNY!

*TV – The New Normal – what a great show!  Yes, it has the now obligatory gay couple and guess what?…they make me laugh..a lot!  This show is great in that, not only does it represent a liberal point of view, but it also has a fiercely conservative lead character.  You get it from both sides!  Not to mention NeNe Leakes…this Housewife of Atlanta has found her home in comedy television…more please!

*Music – Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rockettes – have you seen that alcohol TV commercial where a lounge singer appears from behind a flipping wall singing?  This band is the source of that utterly catchy single, Love Letter.  Download now if you are a fan of either Amy Winehouse of Adele!!

*Gaming – The Walking Dead game – although I only rarely play my Xbox anymore (I’ve broken waaaay too many controllers!), this game is phenominal.  If you are a fan of the show with the same name, this game is a must-buy.  It is set in the TV world and occurs in real-time: hurry up and make a decision or die!  Visit the Telltale Games website to downloand for gaming consoles or your computer and startkilling some zombies!

*Animals – Big Bird – this poor guy has had a rough week!  First, Mitt Romney tells America that he will defund PBS (the home of Sesame Street) in order to balance the federal budget.  Defund PBS?  Really?  Those guys are truly the last bastion of non-partisan reporting, not to mention high quality children’s programming and hit shows, such as Downton Abbey, that are fit for mass consumption. If you haven’t gone to YouTube to view any of the hilarious Big Bird videos to hit the internet since Romney’s promise to fry the bird, you’re missing out!  There is a great one on the site,…just be warned that it is not kid-friendly!


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