Accused Parents Encouraged Sexual Abuse of Child

Sadly, the title for this post is completely accurate.  This story is grotesque enough to deserve it getting a lot of press.  The fact that parents could (allegedly) do this to their flesh and blood makes me livid.

According to an article recently posted on the CNN Justice website (, Christopher Scott Perry and his wife, Mary Perry allowed Robert Goeing Young, a registered sex offender, to live in the same home they shared with their nine-year-old daughter.  Testimony from the Department of Children and Families states that “Young slept in the same bed as the 9-year-old and repeatedly sexually assaulted her; all with the full knowledge of the girl’s parents”.

I am having serious problems just typing this post.  I’m so mad!!!!  How could anyone allow such behavior to occur?  Much less to your own child?!?!  To make matters even worse, investigators found all of the perpetrator’s belongings in the girl’s room, him going so far as to purchase her a “toy license plate” that “Uncle Robert Loves (the girl’s name) and was decorated with hearts”.

When asked how they could allow the molestation of their own daughter under their watch, Mary Perry (the mother) responded that she “just didn’t care”.  Amazing.  What a simple, concise answer to such a devastatingly horrid tragedy for her nine years old daughter.

Now, as a card-carrying Democrat, some of you might expect me to wax poetic on how society failed these two bastards, or that they deserve fair care and compassion from our society.  Load ’em up on meds and have them live out their lives in mental institutions, right?   NOT SO!!!

I’m one of those liberals who whole-heartedly supports the good ‘ole death penalty in all of its wondrous glory, baby!  That’s right.  This midwestern liberal was born and raised in South Carolina, folks.  That means every once in a while I tend to break away from the doves and become a hawk.  Not only do these two parents deserve death, they deserve to be tortured until their last breath.  In accordance with the endless nights of terror they subjected their daughter to, the final nights of their lives should be just as bad.

On that note, I think it’s time to end this post.  This is only my second day as a blogger and I really can’t believe some of the disparate topics that I’ve covered so far.  I considered not even writing about this specific article, due to its graphic nature and unseemly details, but felt doing so would be a way to get the word out about this atrocity (to all my thousands and thousands of subscribers!!! lol).




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