Fox News: Fair & Balanced (yeah, right!)

I just decided to take a look at the Fox News homepage.  As much of a liberal as I am, I do enjoy perusing their offerings from time to time just to see how the other half lives.

One of the things that catches my eye every time is in the upper left-hand corner, where Fox proudly, boldly claims to be FAIR & BALANCED.  Hahaha  Sorry, but this really makes me laugh.  Is there even one person on this planet who actually believes Fox is both fair AND balanced?  Come on!!!

Check on it yourself, if you don’t believe me.  Do this: spend about 2-3 minutes each day for a week viewing the Fox News website homepage.  Then, count how many articles are pro-GOP and how many are pro-Democrat.  The result will literally leave you befuddled.  Yep, I just used the word befuddled!!  I wonder how many Fox News viewers could actually define that word…but I digress…

So, what was it about this webpage that prompted this post today?  If you can still find it, there is a small section on the Fox News homepage with the following tagline: BIAS ALERT!  It is referring to some rather disparaging remarks made by late-night TV host David Letterman.  He labeled Romney a “felon”, along with a few other choice words.

What Fox News really should do is place that BIAS ALERT! right at the top of their homepage.  Not only would it be fair, but it would also finally put to rest the argument that Rupert Murdoch (owner of all things Fox) and his minions are somehow actual, balanced journalists.


**P.S….one last note…in all fairness I must say that, while Fox News is rather obviously conservative-leaning in its worldview, there is also a pretty left-leaning news network as well…MSNBC!!  For those of you looking for non-partisan news, check out PBS or CNN.



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