Am I The Only Liberal Who Doesn’t Support Affirmative Action?

A brief post for this one.

I just finished reading about a case being argued before the U.S. Supreme Court today in Washington, D.C.  The short story of it?  A white woman from Texas was denied admission to the state university system a few years back, in 2008.  Abigail Noel Fischer, who is the plaintiff suing, claims she was denied a spot in the University of Texas due to her race.  If you’d like to read the entire story, just follow this link:

I have struggled with this issue for years, being the flaming, bleeding-heart liberal that I am.  However, it seems that my sometimes conservative alter ego, TheRightyWolfe, is winning this round.  Shouldn’t each and every person in this country be judged based on their own abilities and talents?  Why in the heck should race EVER be the deciding factor?  The University of Texas is not in the business of attempting to create some sort of utopian community on their campus.  It is a school that receives hundreds of millions of dollars each year from the state of Texas…meaning that tax-paying residents of the Lone Star state should not be forced into subsidizing racism in its purest form.  No one, in any situation, with any skin color, should ever be subjected to this kind of “stealth” racism.  Even someone like me, Mr. Lefty himself, has to agree with the other side of the aisle on this one.

The current case is Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin (11-345).



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  1. Affirmative action is indeed objectionable. After all, the smallest minority is the individual.

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