Esquire & Yahoo! News Poll: Obama, Romney Would Lose to Clinton, Reagan

In a sad indication of what our nation’s voters really think about this year’s candidates for President, it appears that either Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan would come out on top over both Romney and Obama.

Hey, as much as I like Obama, I have to agree!!!  At least as far as Clinton is concerned.  I LOVE THAT GUY!!!  Sure, he had problems keeping his penis in his pants, but he knew how to lead this country!

So, what exactly did Esquire Magazine and Yahoo! News have to say about all of this?  Check it out below:

“When Yahoo News and Esquire commissioned a presidential poll in early September, we asked respondents their preference in two fantasy matchups: Barack Obama versus Ronald Reagan and Mitt Romney versus Bill Clinton. Across nearly every demographic, our poll has uncovered a strong pro-nostalgia bent in the electorate.

Reagan defeated Obama by 14 points, while Clinton outran Romney by 35 points. Even respondents who identified with the contemporary candidate’s party demonstrated flaky loyalty. Among the general population, 23 percent of Democrats chose Reagan over Obama while 28 percent of Republicans preferred Clinton to Romney.

When we pitted Clinton versus Reagan in the finals, however, the two ex-presidents were locked in a statistical tie, 49 to 46 percent in Clinton’s favor. The margin of error for the poll among the general population was 4 percentage points.”

Who would you vote for in these just-for-fun matchups?

I would like to add another hypothetical to this list.  Let’s look ahead to 2016, when (hopefully), Obama will be exiting his second term and voters will be faced with electing one of two brand new candidates: Hillary Clinton or some nameless Republican.  HILLARY, PLEASE!!!!  Is anyone else out there as excited as I am about another possible run for Hillary?  I think she is just the centrist needed to bridge the partisan gap in Washington (much like her husband did) and get some work done!!  All hail Chief Hillary!




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