Idiots of Hollywood Issue #1: Rihanna, Lindsay and Stacey

Here, for your reading pleasure, is a round-up of the biggest idiots of hollywood making news today.  Enjoy!!

1. Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan – will poor Lindsay EVER hit rock bottom?  This “actress” (when was the last time you saw her on screen??) has become much more well-known due to her near-constant run-ins with law enforcement.  From hitting cars to stealing jewelry to falling on the sidewalk drunk, she really keeps it classy!  In her latest brouhaha, Lindsay and her Mom, Dina, were the subject of a police investigation into a recent 911 call.  It seems that the Lohan girls clubbed it up in NYC until 4am on a recent morning, then headed to Mom’s home on Long Island.  There, they argued with each other until approximately 8am, when Lindsay called police.  No charges have been filed as of yet, but Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, took the chance to see his name on TV and gladly released a public statement on the situation.  Click the following link to find out what he said!!

2. Rihanna – yep, you read that correctly.  In her latest headline-grabbing exploit, it appears that she has reunited with the man convicted of physical abuse against her, Chris Brown, even saying that she would now like to marry him!!  I’ll be the first to admit that I do enjoy Brown’s music, but it stops there.  This guy has a serious anger problem, which should be obvious to anyone who saw those horrible photos of a bruised Rihanna shortly after their much-publicized break-up.  For some reason, though, Rihanna never got over this guy, even going as far as to tell Oprah Winfrey that she would always love him.  This makes me mad!!!  How could someone as rich and powerful as Rihanna EVER want to go back with someone who abused her so badly?  What a terrible thing for young girls across the world to see.  It’s only a matter of time before something pisses Chris off and he hits her again.  Let’s just hope that his abuse doesn’t get worse, causing more than the few bruises he inflicted upon her the last time they dated.

3. Stacey Dash – you may not know her name, but you probably remember the one hit she co-starred in back in the early 90’s: Clueless!!  Stacey played the best friend to Alicia Silverstone‘s lead character.  My next few sentences may offend some, so I will apologize in advance it that is the case.  Dash, who is of African-American descent, has recently come out as a strong supporter of the Romney presidential ticket.  Say what?!?!?!  You read that right.  This black woman is voting for the GOP ticket.  Seems odd, doesn’t it?  I must admit to still feeling confused whenever I hear of a racial minority or homosexual who votes Republican.  After all, the GOP is the party most interested in doing away with many of those pesky civil rights laws meant to ensure minority voter participation.  Additionally, most GOP candidates for office voice support for ending or severely reducing programs, such as government-backed student loans, Medicaid and welfare, that would disproportionately affect America’s minority population.  I get just as confused whenever I hear of a gay person voting Republican.  It all seems to be a case of self-hatred or complete ignorance to me.  Sure, you might be a fiscal conservative who wants Washington to shape up, but why would you purposefully vote for a party that publicly shows their disdain for you in so many ways, on so many occasions.  I suppose I will never understand that one.





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