Military Dog Nearly Dies in Afghanistan Battle

The Belgian Malinois breed of dog that you see above goes by the name Layka.  Until recently, she was serving a Special Forces squad in Afghanistan, where she worked at inspecting buildings for explosives and searching for enemy combatants.  By all accounts, Layka was an attentive animal and effective at her job.

On patrol one day, she entered a building.  Soon afterwards, “Layka was ambushed by an assailant. She received several gunshot wounds to the abdomen and right front leg. Despite her injuries, she protected the lives of her coalition team members by attacking and subduing the assailant.”

“After the danger was averted, Layka was treated by her handler and a physician’s assistant. She was then flown to a hospital for the first of several surgeries, and doctors were eventually forced to amputate her front right leg.”

For her bravery on the battlefield, Layka was recently awarded a medal for heroism by the 341st Training Squadron, the unit responsible for training military dogs.  She is the first canine to be awarded such a distinction.

So…where will Layka be spending her well-earned retirement?  At the cushy home of her former trainer, who decided to adopt her since she could no longer work for the Army.




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