What’s Next for Lance Armstrong’s Cancer Charity?

If you have been paying even a little bit of attention to sports news for the last couple of weeks, you know what I’m about to say: overwhelming evidence proving that Lance Armstrong was doping throughout his seven-year title run at the Tour de France has finally been released for public consumption.  At last, we now all can see and read the piles and piles of testimony and other evidence that resulted in Lance’s soon-to-be stripping of those seven titles.  In short, these files report that Lance was found guilty of “running the most sophisticated and extensive doping scheme in professional sports history.  The 202-page report released Wednesday included affidavits from 11 of Armstrong’s former teammates detailing elements of Armstrong’s — and in some cases their — use of performance-enhancing drugs.”

Now that this liar has been shown to be the disgusting, cheating person that he is, what will become of his Lance Armstrong Foundation, the charity that has literally raised tens of millions of dollars in the fight against cancer?  According to the Chief Executive and President of the foundation, Doug Ulman, they wholeheartedly plan on continuing to operate and raise money as though nothing has happened.  The foundation is even forging ahead with their plan to have Lance himself serve as host of a fundraising event to be held soon in Austin, Texas, where Armstrong remains a hero of sorts.

Enough already!!!!

When will the American public finally rebel against this cheat, holding him accountable for his own actions?!?!?!  His Tour titles soon-to-be gone, the public should be diverting these funds to other cancer research centers and charities…not continuing to feed the ego of this impostor.  Does no one recall all the YEARS of Lance proclaiming his innocence???  Telling anyone who would listen that this investigation was nothing more than a witch hunt???  This guy deserves nothing from us.  Not a dime.  While his foundation might be doing great things with these donations, the public should be giving such funds to OTHER organizations that weren’t founded by a crook.  It’s kind of like if Bernie Madoff had been running a charity and, even after his conviction for fraud and stealing money from millions, people kept on giving to his charity…that wouldn’t happen!  So, for those of you out there contemplating a donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation…please take your money elsewhere.


Source: http://news.yahoo.com/armstrong-foundation-fighting-future-094022447–spt.html

Source: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-armstrong-doping-20121012,0,4090858.story?track=rss


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