Conservative CEO’s, Lead by The Koch Brothers, Threaten Employees Who Vote for Dems

Can you believe this is actually a headline?  I still cannot, yet it is true.  A trio of large corporations have all basically ordered their tens of thousands of employees to vote for Mitt Romney, or suffer the consequences.  Is this even legal?!?!

This use of company funds to produce pamphlets and other materials meant to coerce employees into voting Republican would be laughable if it wasn’t so damn evil.  Just plain evil.  One frightened employee of the Koch Brothers, one of the companies involved in this scheme, went so far as to say this: “Even if I was at my own home, I can’t put something up [on Facebook] against the Koch Brothers,” one employee and union leader told In These Times. I don’t post anything about the Koch Brothers. I could lose my job.”

How sad, or desperate, have American conservatives become when this is happening on a nation-wide basis?  What happened to being free to vote your conscience???  I challenge anyone out there to find an instance of a liberal-owned company engaging in such nefarious behavior.  Guess what?…it wouldn’t happen!!!  Unlike today’s brand of conservatives, Democrats stand for freedom and equality for all, just as conservatives speak out to limit the rights of their fellow citizens and give billions back to the wealthy.

So…just what type of information were these GOP-allied CEO’s forcing upon their employees?  In the case of the Koch brothers-owned corporation Georgia Pacific, they had the nerve to distribute “voter information packets with all kinds of helpful information like who’s running, who’s a Republican and how to vote for those Republicans.”

I don’t know about all of you, but stunts such as this, which were also carried out by Westgate Resorts and ASG Software Solutions, reek of desperation.  Just like their standard-bearer Mitt Romney, these people will do and say ANYTHING just to win an election…all so the Romney-Ryan ticket can lower their taxes, will raising our taxes and destroying Medicare.




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