Things I’m Loving Now (10/17/12): The Walking Dead, Little Big Town, Bill Clinton

1. TV – The Walking Dead – my loyal readers already know about my current obsession with all things undead (from books to video games to the big screen and more!).  I just can’t seem to get enough!  After scoring record ratings in its Season 3 premiere Sunday night, I’m also guessing that many of you are hooked just the same.  Did you guys watch TWD on Sunday night?  IT WAS AMAZING!!!  Not only did we get to see a ton (and I mean a lot!!) of zombies bite the dust, but we were also able to catch up with all of our favorite characters…many of whom have changed in dramatic fashion since last season’s finale.  I won’t go into too much detail here (don’t want to spoil your fun!), but if you are someone who has not yet seen this show, go ahead and get Season 1 immediately!  It will have you hungry for more in an instant.

2. Music – Little Big Town – here is where my southern upbringing comes out just a bit.  Little Big Town is a country band that I recently stumbled upon as I looked up new music on iTunes.  Some of you may balk at enjoying some good ‘ole fashion country fun on the radio, but you might want to hold off on switching stations just yet.  This fun, breezy summer song is all about kickin’ back, having an ice cold beer and riding the waves on a Pontoon (which just happens to the name of their smash single).  Download now!  Oh, and by the way…yes, there a few of us Democrats who just loves them some country music.  Count me in!

3. Books – “Back to Work” by Bill Clinton –I thought it fitting to talk a bit about this impressive piece of work by our former President.  In a time when our economy is growing, but still sluggish, Clinton puts forth his ideas as to how we can right the train to ensure that it doesn’t fall off the tracks just as a recovery seems imminent.  Here are a few words from the LA Times:

“Clinton presents a personal, plain-spoken economic picture of where we are, a mile-high view of the three decades that got us here, and how to revive our economy in classic “American Dream growth” style. He challenges Americans and our elected representatives to make hard choices, support innovation and to renew the spirit of cooperation. He gets behind President Obama’s jobs plan, criticizes Democratic policies when he finds them lacking and, for the most part, supports the recommendations of the wide-ranging bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

Yet despite his calls for a positive dialogue, the former president digs in and calls House Republicans “anti-government zealots.” This is a fight, and there will be blood.”

Until next time, America!



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