Alleged Killer Buried with Military Honors

In a story that has me completely shell-shocked, an alleged killer has been buried with full military honors at the Fort Custer National Cemetery in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Michael Anderson has been accused of firing shots at five people, with one of those persons, Alicia Koehl, dying at the scene.  The shootings took place at the Villa Paree apartment complex on May 30th of this year.  Anderson, who police say took his own life shortly after committing these heinous acts, was still allowed to receive a military funeral even though burial rules for all national cemeteries should have prevented this from happening:

The crux of the controversy centers on the rules for interment outlined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The ineligibility guidelines say in part, “Federal officials may not inter in Veterans cemeteries persons who are shown by clear and convincing evidence to have committed a Federal or State capital crime but were unavailable for trial due to death or flight to avoid prosecution.”

As you might expect, the family of the deceased woman is quite livid over what has taken place: “I’ve been told it was a mistake and the (Anderson) family didn’t give all the information, or they just lied about information that was asked of them,” Paul Koehl, the victim’s husband, said.

This brings an interesting question to mind.  If a member of your family, say a wife, husband, mother or father, was the likely culprit in a mass shooting and the death of a woman, would YOU lie to authorities just so your beloved could be buried in a national cemetery?  Unfortunately for the victims’ family, it appears that is exactly what occurred in this instance.



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