Teen Punishment: Parents Post Silly Pics of Themselves on Her Facebook Page

“Parents of teenagers know that there comes a time when you can embarrass your kid simply by being visible. So when one couple opted to flood their daughter’s Facebook page with pictures of themselves posing goofily for the camera, they probably knew they were inflicting some emotional pain.”

In one of the more hilarious stories I’ve recently read, it seems that a mother and father from Wisconsin have found a very interesting way to punish one of their children.

After their daughter “got fresh” with them (talking back), they decided to confiscate her phone for a week.  It appears, though, that was not the end of her punishment.  Seeking to truly embarrass their teenage daughter, the parents then took nearly a dozen silly photos of themselves and posted them to her Facebook account.  Genius!

While I find this to be really funny, not everyone agrees.  In fact, some people online are comparing these parents’ actions with cyber-bullying.  Really?!?!  What do you think about this…is it a creative punishment or just plain mean?

Scroll down to the end of this post for one of the actual pics these parents posted.


Source: http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/parents-punish-teen-posting-goofy-photos-her-facebook-182700019.html


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