Idiots of Hollywood Issue #3: Taylor Swift, Toni Braxton, Disney

I invite my readers to read on about three all new Idiots of Hollywood.  Enjoy!

1. Taylor Swift – What has the country-pop princess done that would land her on my not-so-coveted list?  Well, I’ll first say, begrudgingly, that I do happen to enjoy some of her music.  I love country music.  I love pop music.  She does both well.  Taylor definitely has a knack for making catchy songs and she gets to me nearly every single time.  But I digress…Swift made my list precisely because of the songs that she writes.  As I’m sure most of you know, Swift has very publicly declared that her songs are almost all written about her own love life.  While she doesn’t actually name names, she does everything else she can to embarrass her former flames.  This really irks me!  I wish just one journalist would have the balls to ask Taylor: “How would you like it if all of your ex-boyfriends wrote songs painting you in a bad picture, and revealing things that should have been private?”  If only one of Taylor’s past flings would do that, I guarantee she would change.  Until that moment, though, I suppose I’ll just have to keep listening to her bashing everyone under the sun…except herself, that is.

2. Toni Braxton – Remember this soulful diva?  She had a run of R&B-tinged hits in the mid-to-late 1990s.  “Unbreak My Heart“, anyone?  Anyways, she was fortunate enough to make my list because, well, she’s an Idiot of Hollywood.  It appears that, right before she declared bankruptcy in 2010 (woohoo!), Toni had the nerve to wire just over $50,000 to her soon-to-be ex-husband, hoping to keep that money from the creditors banging at her front door (it’s estimated she was anywhere from $10-$50 MILLION dollars in debt!!).  Did she really believe that the IRS wouldn’t track down that money?

3. Disney – Say what?!?!  If you’re shocked to see the Mouse House on this list, so am I!!  However, those geeks at Disney messed up BIG TIME in the last week or so.  In case you haven’t checked news sites for a while, let me catch you up:  Back in mid-October, Disney had the nerve to unveil what they called their first Latina princess (I’ve included a pic of her below…just scroll down).  Normally, such an announcement would have me very happy.  After all, from what I know about Disney, there have been very few instances where a non-white female lead figure has been included in their television shows or movies.  This is a horrible stat for the media company.  Young girls in this country need role models of all different colors and attitudes…not everyone in America is white!!  Anyways, after proudly proclaiming that Sofia was the first Latina princess in the Disney fold, they released a picture of the new girl…complete with blue eyes and pasty white skin.  Seriously???





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