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Things I’m Loving Now (11/30/12): Michael Buble, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Bath & Body Works

Welcome to a Holiday Edition of TILN.  Read on! 1. Music – Michael Buble – If it’s X-Mas time, you bet I’m going to be playing this smash holiday CD from the Canadian crooner, Michael Buble.  I’m sure you have heard of his name, but wait until you hear his VOICE!  His holiday CD, Christmas, was […]

House Republicans Release New List of Committee Leaders: All White Men

Want to know Reason #242 why Republicans lost Election 2012 so badly?  They just don’t seem to learn from their mistakes!  Read on for a quick recap of why this is true. In a somewhat stunning turn of events, House Republicans just released their list of committee chairmen for the next Congress set to be […]

Washington’s Self-Imposed Fiscal Cliff: Will Lawmakers Work Together to Prevent Catastrophe?

Back from a long holiday weekend of indulgence in SC, TheLeftyWolfe is now in full swing and ready to report on today’s trending topics.  For this post, I’ll focus on all the talk of the nearly-here fiscal cliff situation that has newspapers and online sites buzzing.  Read on! First…what is the fiscal cliff? – If you […]

What I Am Thankful For: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Creationism

In TheLeftyWolfe‘s VERY late Thanksgiving list, I’ve compiled a couple of things that I am currently thankful for.  Enjoy! 1. Jeb Bush – What?!?!  Chris, the super liberal, is thankful for someone, ANYONE, from the Bush family tree?  You betcha!  I’m so thankful for the younger Bush (and ex-governor from Florida) for one very simply […]

Idiots of Hollywood Issue #4: O.J. Simpson Film, Twinkies, Elmo

1. O.J. Simpson Film – In case you haven’t yet heard, there is a new film making the rounds in Hollywood based on the life of convicted serial killer Glen Rogers.  Rogers was arrested in 1995 just shortly after Simpson had been acquitted of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her boyfriend, Ronald Goldman.  […]

Why So Much Mideast Violence? A Factual Account of Israeli/Palestinian History

WARNING: Do not read this article unless you’d like to know the full truth of the source of all this conflict in the Mideast.  My account is a historical one, not one based on rumor or distorted views.  Please feel free to fact-check any claim I make in this post.  Everything, except where I insert […]

Things I’m Loving Now (11/16/12): Adele, American Horror Story, Abraham Lincoln

1. Music – Adele – Alright, now…all of you should know the name Adele.  She is the British songstress whose recent hits include songs such as “Rolling in the Deep” and  “Rumor Has It”.  Now, though, she has ventured into new territory and is the sultry voice behind the newest smash “Skyfall”…from the just-released James Bond […]