Things I’m Loving Now (11/5/12): Train, 666 Park Avenue, David Ferrer

1. Music – Train – I’m sure most of you know who this band is.  They hit the big time waaaay back in 1998 with the song, “Meet Virginia”, then followed that up with another monster hit in 2001, “Drops of Jupiter”.  After that, they kind of slinked into obscurity for a few years until storming the charts once again in 2009 with the massively successful hit, “Hey, Soul Sister.”  I included them on this weeks list, however for their latest release, “50 Ways to Say Goodbye”.  It’s the second single from the hit album, California 37.  If you haven’t yet listened to this song, do it now.  It’s catchy and tinged with a healthy dose of revenge for a soon-to-be former flame.  If you liked any of their past songs, you’ll not only enjoy this song, but their new album in full.

2. TV – 666 Park Avenue – What a great show!  Not only does it star a few of my favorite actors from past shows (Terry O’Quinn from Lost, Dave Annable from Brothers and Sisters, and Vanessa Williams from Depserate Housewives), but it also has major sci-fi intrigue to boot.  Set in a luxurious, yet mysterious, apartment building in Manhattan, 666 Park Avenue pairs up O’Quinn and Williams as the couple in charge of this crazy address.  It seems that O’Quinn’s character is a minion of the underworld.  He seeks out those who want big things, but don’t want the hassle of actually putting forth any effort to get them.  So…he makes deals with people for things like finding love or winning political office.  In exchange, he then takes their souls.  Fun stuff…that sounds fair!!  Honestly, though, my short review here doesn’t do this show justice.  If you just can’t get enough of the supernatural on TV (these shows seems to be EVERYWHERE right now), tune in for an episode of 666 Park Avenue.  It’s a hell-raising good time!

3. Sports – David Ferrer – I don’t often write about the sports world on my blog, but felt compelled to do so today.  My readers may not know this, but I am a HUGE tennis nut.  I play matches every week and watch it on TV whenever I get the chance.  My favorite current players include peeps like Rafael Nadal and, of course, the Williams sisters (Venus and Serena).  Yesterday, though, another player caught my attention.  His name is David Ferrer and he is currently ranked #5 in the world.  The Big Four in men’s tennis right now are Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Nadal.  Those guys have won something like 29 of the last 30 Grand Slam titles (US Open ,Wimbledon, etc).  So…for the Spaniard David Ferrer to be ranked #5 is saying something.  He’s the best of the rest, so to speak.  In any case, he’s included on my list this week because he scored a major accomplishment yesterday in Paris, winning his very first Masters 1000 title.  In case you don’t know, a Masters 1000 title is the biggest non-Grand Slam title on the men’s tour.  In the tennis world, this is a HUGE win for him.  The Big Four also usually win all of these titles, so it was quite sweet to see the 30-year-old Ferrer finally lock up such a prestigious tournament with an emphatic victory over his lesser-ranked opponent.  Vamos, David!!



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