Obama Wins!! Why This Should be a Wake-Up Call for the Republican Party

In celebration of last night’s victory for President Obama, I would like to finish my 2012 campaign coverage with a few closing thoughts of my own:

1. A Win for Freedom – While it’s the Republican party who has somehow taken public control over words such as “Freedom” and “Liberty,” those terms are far more indicative of American liberals than conservatives.  How so, you might ask?  Let me provide just a few examples…a) is it the Democratic party that seeks to restrict the legal rights associated with marriage to only one group of people?  b) is it the Democratic party that passes state laws making it more difficult for minorities to vote?  c) is it the Democratic party that seeks to empower the rich and sideline the poor?  d) is it the Democratic party that seeks to limit the number of immigrants who can come to this great nation…even though America is, in fact, a country built by immigrants?

2. A Win for Equality – Although I referenced this above in #1, it bears more in-depth analysis here.  Without a doubt, Democrats are the party of opportunity and equality.  I’ll briefly explain by writing about two critical issues…a) Marriage Equality: you may or may not agree with same-sex marriage, and that’s OK with me.  What should not be debatable, however, are the LEGAL rights associated with marriage.  As an American citizen who pays taxes (just like you!), I should be afforded the same legal rights as everyone else.  Our state and national governments should not be in the business of playing favorites or restricting rights of other citizens.  Myself, and all other gays and lesbians in this country, deserve the same legal protections as other loving couples.  Having said that, though, I want to make one very important point.  I do not believe that private organizations (such as churches) should be forced to accept same-sex marriage if their members do not agree with it.  However, if they do want to discriminate against people, they should promptly have their tax-free status revoked…why??  Because our publicly funded government should not be in the business of supporting entities that engage in such discrimination. b) Immigration: the last few years have seen the Republican party move far to the right of mainstream America regarding immigration laws.  Conservatives not only want to severely curtail the number of immigrants coming into our nation each year, but to also punish the children whose parents brought them here illegally through no fault of their own.  This always baffles me.  Do conservatives not recall the early days of the colonies here in what would become America?  Literally millions of folks from across the world came to this great land seeking freedom from their own oppressive governments in Europe, Asia and elsewhere.  This is a nation literally built by immigrants!!  Hell, even our railroad system was built primarily by Irish and Chinese immigrant labor!  In my humble opinion, anyone who wants to come here should be free to do so…just as our ancestors were.  After all, don’t forget one very important fact: unless you are of Native American descent, YOU ARE AN IMMIGRANT, TOO!

3. A Win for Liberals – Yes, the Democratic party won the election, but that doesn’t mean all conservatives should run to their corners and sulk like little babies!  I say this because I was quite saddened when I woke up this morning and looked through my Facebook news feed.  It was filled with conservative voters saying things like “America is going to Hell”  and “Prepare for the apocalypse”…just because their chosen candidate lost.  Really????  Are Republican supporters really so full of themselves that they believe GOD is that vengeful???  Do they actually think that, if there is a God, he/she would be concerned at all with one little election?  Seriously?!?!  Not long after I was unfortunate enough to read that crap on Facebook, I turned to online news sites (CNN and Yahoo).  There, I saw that John Boehner (Republican leader of the House) had ALREADY said that he will not be working with the President once Congress is back in session.  Come on, man!!!!!  When will conservative politicians wake up and start working across the aisle to make this nation, and our economy, better?!?!?!  What we need in Washington now is COMPROMISE and TEAM WORK to get the job done.  Republicans should take note.  From the time Obama was elected back in 2008, their Senate leader, Mitch McConnell, announced that the sole goal of the Republican party was to make Obama a one-term president (not to fix the economy).  How so?  By voting “No” on any and all pieces of legislation put forth by Obama and the Democrats.  They hoped that by doing so, the public would view Democrats as doing nothing for the economy.  Unfortunately for McConnell and his fellow conservatives, however, the public saw through that shamble of a plan and returned Obama to office.  BUT…the public also kept the Republican majority safe in the House of Representatives.  You know what that tells me?  That the public wants our government officials to WORK TOGETHER, not tear each other apart as in the past.  Wake up, Republicans!

Finally, I’d like to close this long post with one final thought about the Democrats and Republicans.  It is becoming clear to me that America is changing.  Just look at the demographics.  Latinos, African-Americans and Asians are becoming a larger and larger percentage of the American population as the white population decreases as a percentage of the overall numbers.  What does this mean?  Unfortunately for the Republican party, it means that their days as a dominant national party are coming to an end…unless they begin to move closer to the center and further from the extreme right.  I saw many newscasters say the exact same thing over the last few days.  The Republican party is based on votes, primarily, from older white men and there just aren’t enough of them around anymore to ensure consistent victories in national contests.  And in great news for the Democrats, all of this explosive growth in minority populations will only make their party stronger in the future.  Hhhmmm…this makes TheLeftyWolfe wonder…is this the reason why conservatives are so gung-ho about restricting immigration into this country….just so they can try, in vain, to keep America white as can be to ensure their continued power????


–>–>Update 3:45p (Central) 11/7/12…Apparently, John Boehner (whom I referenced above) has now stated that he IS willing to work with Obama on getting around the approaching fiscal cliff, when hundreds of millions of dollars in automatic spending cuts are set to decimiate our military and other essential government programs.  He still insists, however, that his conditions for team work are no tax increases on high income earners.  Obama, as most of you know, wants to renew the Bush-era tax cuts for all except the top 2% of earners.  His approach for ensuring economic growth while also reducing the deficit calls for $2-3 dollars in spending cuts for every $1 in raised revenue.  Non-partisan economists throughout the nation, and many moderate Republicans, agree this is a stable path.  It’s too bad the Speaker of the House doesn’t.


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