The Other Side of Election 2012: Legalized Marijuana

It seems that Barack Obama and Senate Democrats are not the only ones celebrating big wins at the polls Tuesday night.  Read below for a brief review of one initiative that also saw success in the voting booth:

Legalize It! – Voters in Colorado and Washington state both approved the recreational use of marijuana in this year’s election.  Now, it seems that citizens in those states will be able to legally purchase small amounts of pot for personal use (not just for medicinal purposes).  In fact, Colorado voters went so far as to allow their citizens to grow a plant or two for personal consumption.  Across the nation in the old stomping grounds of Mitt Romney, the liberal bastion of Massachusetts also legalized marijuana use, but only for medical reasons.

TheLeftyWolfe finds these developments VERY interesting for one big reason.  As most of you likely know, the Republican party has always been the party of less federal government and more states’ rights.  Conservatives, however, are also fiercely anti-marijuana.  It will be fun to see where that party finds itself on this issue: let the states decide things like this for themselves, or bring in big government to stop it.  We already know where Obama stands on this issue: even as a liberal, he is flatly against legalized pot (as most other liberals are as well).  Stay tuned to follow this story!

–>–>Click the following link to read how the federal government (specifically, the Drug Enforcement Agency) will deal with this hot-button issue:



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