Attention Conservatives: Stop Crying About Losing The Election

Hello again, blog world!  TheLeftyWolfe decided to take a much-needed break when Election 2012 finally ended.  After a few days of rest from writing, though, I’m ready to go again!  Today’s topic will focus on a bunch of sore losers in the conservative realm who just can’t seem to accept the fact that they lost OR seem to place the blame for their loss on everyone, except themselves.  Read on!

So…is it just me or does it seem like conservatives across this great nation of ours have suddenly become the absolute worst losers in history?!?!  After all the bluster and bold proclamations of victory by the far-right ideologues jamming the airwaves, these once too-confident men and women seem to have degenerated into a bunch of cry babies!  I’m sure most of you have seen these people on air since the election.  They seem genuinely dumbfounded after not just losing the election for the White House, but also failing to take control of the U.S. Senate, which was their other primary target.  Read on for one of the worst losers in modern American politics, a conservative strategist named Karl Rove.

Karl Rove – by far, this guy takes the cake.  I’m almost positive none of my readers was watching Fox News on election night, but I wish you had (I tuned in off and on just to watch the freak show).  To see Karl Rove, the mastermind puppeteer behind the Baby Bush presidency, absolutely refuse to believe that Obama had won the state of Ohio (and the presidency to boot) is almost unbelievable.  Even when Fox News, the bastion of all things conservative, had called the election in favor of Obama, Rove still couldn’t accept reality.  Why, you might ask?  I’m thinking it is likely because he was watching his $400 MILLION DOLLARS in conservative fundraising going down the toilet.  Rove had formed several super-powerful PAC’s (political action committees) and used them to raise all of that money to support Mitt Romney and dozens of other Republican candidates across the nation.  Just take a look at this tweet from Donald Trump to see how Rove performed in the races he supported: “Congrats to @KarlRove on blowing $400 million this cycle.  Every race @CrossroadsGPS ran ads in, the Republicans lost.  What a waste of money”.  Ouch!  Even the ardent conservative Trump, it seems, has had enough of the former kingmaker Rove.  I’m loving this!

Click the following link to watch a clip of Karl Rove’s refusal to accept election night reality.  Even as Fox News shows Obama leading Ohio by more than 29,000 votes, Rove still says the actual Obama lead is only appr 900 votes.  It’s a great (hilarious) view to see how totally out of it Rove actually is at the news desk:

In terms of sheer money raised during this election (by both the candidates and their outside supporters), the Republicans had a MASSIVE edge over the Dems.  After the U.S. Supreme Court‘s conservative majority legalized unlimited political donations by corporations and individuals (who now don’t have to disclose their names), Democrats were worried.  After all, people like casino magnate Sheldon Adelson were donating tens of millions of dollars of their own money to defeat Obama and other Democrats running for office.  While the left tried to keep up with the right in terms of fundraising, it just didn’t happen.  What is awesome about this, however, is that the American public saw through all of this.  They responded by re-electing a liberal into the White House and by expanding the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.  It turns out that money just can’t buy elections like it once did.

This leads me back to today’s topic: sore losers.  Why is it that conservatives in America seem so absolutely disgusted about losing?  I mean, it’s not like this was the last election ever in America.  Did liberals react so childishly when John Kerry lost in 2004?  I think not.  Any half-wit moron could tell you that, even though liberals came out on top this year, no political party will ever win ALL the elections going forward.  There will be times in the future when a Republican president is back in the White House.  It’s just a fact.  What I find interesting is that the conservatives failed so miserably at what they had been counting on since Obama was first elected into office in 2008.  As I’ve said before…at that time, the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, publicly stated the following, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president (quote from the National Journal).  He said nothing about immigration reform, fixing the economy or reducing the deficit.  Their sole goal was to defeat Obama.  How, exactly, did he and his fellow conservatives plan on accomplishing such a lofty goal, you might ask?  Their path was quite simple.  For the next few years, simply vote “No” on any and all pieces of legislation put forward by Obama and other congressional Democrats.  And that is exactly what they did.  Just take a look at the record of Senate Republicans if you don’t believe me.  On SEVERAL HUNDRED occasions, these guys and gals refused to allow important bills on the environment, the economy, jobs and other initiatives to even come up for a vote in the Senate.  Thus, almost nothing was accomplished over the last few years.  Why did conservatives want this to happen?  They mistakenly believed that the American public was dumb enough to think that such inaction was the fault of Obama and his allies.  Fortunately for the nation, though, the public saw through this sham and rejected this type of dirty play, sending conservatives across the U.S. into their self-inflicted pity parties…where they have been whining ever since, placing the blame on anyone they can to try to justify their stunning collapse.  Just take a look at some quotes from prominent national conservatives as they seek to lay blame on others for their own miscalculations:

1. Blame the Democrats! –

In a post-election article for the Examiner, Joseph Farah claimed the President received at least five percent (2.5 million votes) of  the popular vote due to outright dishonesty:

“I have plenty of anecdotal evidence to show that it was committed by one  side in the election in various ways. And I am convinced that at least 5 percent of the Democratic vote can be attributed to fraud – illegal voters, illegal  campaign contributions, rigged balloting, intimidation at the polls, you name it.”  Just where is this proof, Mr. Farah????  Alas, he has none.

2. Blame Superstorm Sandy! –

“The hurricane is what broke Romney’s momentum,” said former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour while speaking on CNN’s State of the Union.

“I don’t think there’s any question about it,” he added, The Hill reported.  “Any day that the news media is not talking about jobs and the economy, taxes and spending, deficit and debt, ‘ObamaCare’ and energy, is a good day for Barack Obama.”

3. Blame the Media! –

For years, conservatives have said that the “liberal media” is to blame for just about every loss they have incurred at the polls.  Isn’t that quite an ironic statement…especially since Fox News is the highest-rated news channel in the country??  Also don’t forget that on the radio, conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly draw millions more listeners than similar liberal radio hosts do each day.  Fox News has even gone as far as to state:

“Fox News and other media outlets have projected that President Obama has been reelected to a second term. If, in celebrating his victory Obama wanted to give  credit where credit is due, he might want to think about calling some of America’s top journalists, since their favorable approach almost certainly made the difference between victory and defeat.”  Wow!  Sounds like sore loser-itis to me!

If you’d like to see the 5 reasons why Fox News says Romney lost the election, click the next link.  They seem ready to blame anyone except their candidate and his “severely conservative” beliefs on their election-night loss.  Their inability to thoughtfully discuss such a matter is almost unbelievable:

For the good of our nation, let’s hope that conservatives will be able to eventually come to terms with their Election 2012 losses and move forward.  What would be awesome to see, in my opinion, is for the Republican party to actually do some soul-searching and realize the TRUE reasons for their losses: anti-Latino stances on immigration issues, anti-woman stances on reproductive issues and anti-equality stances on marriage and minority issues.  All of these things combined turned off MILLIONS of potential conservative votes in this election.  And as our national mood becomes more liberal on such social issues, the conservative movement faces a stark choice.  Either tack towards the center by staying out of the private lives and bedrooms of U.S. citizens or risk becoming a minor party capable of only winning regional elections.






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