Why So Much Mideast Violence? A Factual Account of Israeli/Palestinian History

WARNING: Do not read this article unless you’d like to know the full truth of the source of all this conflict in the Mideast.  My account is a historical one, not one based on rumor or distorted views.  Please feel free to fact-check any claim I make in this post.  Everything, except where I insert my opinion, is completely factual.

As war once again ravages the Mideast, TheLeftyWolfe is here to provide a different angle on not only this most recent violence to occur, but also the core reasons why peace in the Mideast is likely a fantasy never to be realized.

Background on the Arab-Israeli Conflict – For some odd reason, western academics, authors and journalists NEVER seem able to correctly communicate the true reasons for all of this seemingly non-stop violence: the creation of Israel in 1949.

A few years after the end World War II, and the horrors of the Holocaust, leaders of the major Western nations came together to figure out what to do with the millions of displaced Jews literally wandering around the European landscape.  With Hitler and the Nazis finally defeated, all of these people had nowhere to go.  They had been liberated from the Concentration Camps and Death Camps, but major questions still remained for the surviving Jews: What do we do now?  Where do we live?

In a terrible turn of events, the leaders of the victorious Western nations (primarily from the USA, Great Britain and France) decided to just create a new Israeli nation in the Mideast.  Poof!  This act was supposed to create a free state where Jews were the majority population and they could live in peace.  Sounds great right?  Millions of Jews had been ruthlessly killed by the Nazis throughout Europe and this piece of legislation, which the United Nations agreed to, would likely stop any future type of mass killing from once again being perpetrated on the Jewish population.  All good, huh???

Not so fast.  Where, exactly, did the land to create Israel come from?  Aha!  This is where things get interesting.  At this crucial moment in history, Great Britain still had control over a Mideast territory known as Palestine.  This chunk of land included the areas that we now know as both Israel and the territories of the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and West Bank (these three locations are where the majority of Palestinians currently live).  At this time, and for literally THOUSANDS of years prior, ALL OF THIS TERRITORY was controlled by and lived in by the Palestinian people.  Heck, it was even called Palestine for crying out loud!

So, let’s get this straight…Europe, with the help of the USA, came into the Mideast, diced up this territory and gave the biggest chunks of it to an invading Jewish population from Europe?  Bingo!  This one fact is the primary driver behind decades of violence in the Middle East.  If you don’t believe me, just do a bit of research.  Everything that I have said thus far is 100% accurate.  No embellishments at all.

According to the U.N. itself, here is what these dual Jewish and Palestinian nations should have looked like on a map…scroll down for the rest of this article…

**Note–>Areas colored in yellow were to belong to the Palestinan people and orange for the Jewish people.

Now think for just a moment.  Let’s pretend that the United Nations began messing around with land occupied by America.  Let’s say that they establish an independent Native American nation in the states of Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.  Poof!  A new nation is born for the Native Americans.  After all, these guys did suffer from a Holocaust all of their own after white European settlers literally killed millions of them with their Guns, Germs and Steel (this is also the name of a fantastic book and NatGeo mini-series if you are interested).

How would the Americans living in these states likely react?  Do you think they would be happy about becoming an oppressed minority in what was once their own state?  Of course not!!  Americans in those states, and many others, would be more than happy to join with outside forces to try to overthrow this illegal government created by outsiders.  The violence, in fact, would be never-ending until these states were free of the Native Americans and free to once again be a part of the greater United States.

Doesn’t this make sense to you?  I hope so because this is the EXACT SAME REASON why we see so much anti-Israeli violence across the Mideast.  The Palestinian people had their homeland ravaged by invading Jews and their Western allies.  What was once a broad, expansive Palestinian territory was no more.  In its place, the new nation of Israel now occupied the majority of the former Palestinian lands.  Now, the Palestinian people were relegated to three very small territories: the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights and the West Bank (see map above).  The rest of the land went to the Israelis.  This is exactly what the United Nations ruling had declared (see the below “Source” links to explain this in more detail).  Those three pieces of land were to be ruled by the Palestinians and the rest of the former territory was to be ruled by the Jews.

Hhhmmm…is there still any wonder why the Palestinians, and many of their Arab allies, have so much disdain for the Jewish people?  There shouldn’t be.

Now, then, there is one final facet to this story.  After Israel had been created by force and the Palestinian people relegated to the periphery of what was once their own territory, they were once again shocked by Western action.  As the Palestinians began launching attacks at the Jewish invaders from these three small territories, the newly created Israeli military, financially backed and supplied primarily by the USA, struck back with brutal force…taking complete control over the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and West Bank.  Now, the Palestinians had nothing.  What little there was left for them to call home had also been taken over by invading forces.  The Palestinian people had become visitors in their own nation.  What a tragedy.

Flash forward to the present.  Not only are the three supposedly independent territories of Palestine STILL controlled by Israel, but over the last decade or so, literally thousands of Jews continue the process of settling lands in the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and West Bank.  In fact, the government of Israel promotes such intrusions into these areas, paying Jewish families to settle there in an attempt to dilute Palestinian influence over the last remnants of areas they should legally still control.  And after all of this, after these long decades, no Western nation on this planet (that I know of) is advocating for the Palestinian people.  Our governments blindly support the Israelis as they continue to exert control over territories where they have no legal standing to be in the first place.  Is it any wonder why America and our allies are not welcome in this region??  Come on, people!!

So, let me ask this (Part 1): Where is the outcrying of support for the Palestinian people?  Since the end of WWII, they have had their territory split into tiny fragments and given to foreign invaders.  Sure, the Jews had lived in and controlled lands in the Middle East, but that was literally THOUSANDS of years ago.  Why should Western governments have the right to, as late as 1948 or so, forcibly remove a native people from their lands..only to then give those lands to an outside population of people?  Heck, why didn’t these all-powerful nations (like the US and Great Britain) just give some of their own lands to the Jews?  Hahaha.  We all know that wouldn’t happen.  It seems the people of Palestine were a much easier, far weaker opponent…making their displacement much easier to carry out.  Plus, with the creation of Israel, America and our allies now had a friendly nation in a very unfriendly part of the world for Western interests.  This was Geopolitics at its best and worst, all at the same time.

So, let me ask this (Part 2): Why hasn’t the United Nations decided to enforce its own rulings???  See the quote below:

On November 29, 1947, the General Assembly adopted a resolution recommending the adoption and implementation of a “Plan of Partition with Economic Union” as Resolution 181 (II).  The Plan attached to the resolution was essentially that proposed by the majority of the Committee in the Report of September 3, 1947. The plan was to replace the British Mandate with “Independent Arab and Jewish States” and a “Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem administered by the United Nations”.

Israel has been directly defying a ruling handed down by the United Nations, yet nothing has been done about it.  Talk about hypocrisy!  When is the last time that nations like Iran, Russia or North Korea havebeen allowed to so blatantly defy the wishes of this international body?  Never!  If those rogue nations ever go against the U.N., measures are immediately taken to get their leaders back in line.  Yet here we are, more than 50 years later, and western nations refuse to implement the very rules they themselves wrote regarding Israel and the Palestinians.

–>–>One final note…please do not get the idea from this post that I am some type of radical anti-Israeli nut job.  I’m a historian by trade, having studied the history of both Europe and the Middle East extensively.  I am simply attempting to shed some truthful light on a horrific situation that will likely never be resolved until our own governments in the West are ready to give the Palestinians control over the land that the United Nations stated should be theirs to begin with.  Hey…speaking of the United Nations…why have they chosen to not defend the territorial integrity of these Palestinian territories that were taken over by the Israeli military?  Didn’t we invade the tiny nation of Kuwait after Iraq invaded it in the early 1990s?  Didn’t we also send troops to protect the people of the Balkans in eastern Europe as that region descended into civil war in the mid 1990s?  Then why haven’t American or U.N. troops moved to protect the Palestinian people and return their stolen lands to them?  I’m guessing it’s because of two very specific reasons: 1. There is no oil for us to purge from Palestinian lands (like in Kuwait) and 2. The Palestinian people aren’t white and don’t share borders with friendly nations (like in the Balkans).

Don’t buy that line of reasoning?  Then ask yourself this question: why didn’t we swoop in to protect the hundreds of thousands who were killed in civil war in Rwanda so many years ago?  Why haven’t we injected ourselves in the war raging in the Sudan in order to protect the innocent millions of civilians being massacred?  There is but one simple answer to both of those questions.  I’ll let you contemplate just what that answer is.


Source: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/is.html

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Israel


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  1. very interesting and also educational…..I guess alot of us believe in protected Israel is because they are one of best allies, and the other reason is because in the Bible God says to protect his people and that would be the Jewish population. Very well written and I would definately enroll in one of your classes because you make it so understandable…….love you, mom

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