Idiots of Hollywood Issue #4: O.J. Simpson Film, Twinkies, Elmo

1. O.J. Simpson Film – In case you haven’t yet heard, there is a new film making the rounds in Hollywood based on the life of convicted serial killer Glen Rogers.  Rogers was arrested in 1995 just shortly after Simpson had been acquitted of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her boyfriend, Ronald Goldman.  Rogers was eventually sent to trial and was found guilty of murdering two women, although he claims that he murdered at least 70 other females, as well.  What makes this small, independent film so intriguing is that Rogers’ brother, Clay (who narrates the film), makes the incredible claim that it was his brother who murdered Simpson’s ex-wife and her boyfriend.  Forget the fact that, even though Simpson was acquitted at trial, every single piece of evidence used during that trial points directly back to only one person, O.J., the former NFL legend and film star.  Is there anyone out there who actually believes that O.J. is innocent???  Come on!!!  TheLeftyWolfe needs only one tidbit of information to know that it was Simpson, not Rogers, who committed those heinous acts back in the mid 1990’s.  Want to know what that is?  It’s quite simple, actually.  If O.J. was, in fact, not guilty of these murders, why in the Hell did he lead the Los Angeles police on a wild goose chase on the California freeway?  Because he was guilty and knew it!  No person innocent of such a horrific crime would feel the need to evade police at all costs.  If you run away from the law, like O.J. tried to do in vain on that day, you have to be guilty.  There is no other reason for a person to do that otherwise.

If for some odd reason you feel the need to watch this supposed ground-breaking documentary film, tune in to the Investigation Discovery channel to watch “My Brother the Serial Killer”.

2. Twinkies – Alright, so Twinkies cake treats don’t actually have anything to do with Hollywood, but there definitely are some idiots circling this seemingly everywhere story.  Just who am I referring to?  The idiots who went on strike and put this struggling company out of business!!!  Yes, even someone as liberal as me has disdain for these striking morons.  While I have, and will forever, support the right of workers to organize into unions and strike when necessary, these guys really take the cake.  With Hostess, the company behind the iconic Twinkies brand, already in federal bankruptcy court (due to declining sales and sky-high labor/pension costs), what in the heck did these workers think would happen if they went on strike, denying Hostess the ability to sell what it needs to continue operating?  This isn’t rocket science, folks!  If a company is already struggling through bankruptcy and THEN has nothing to sell in order to earn some money, there really is only one option left.  To make matters worse, an attempt at mediation between the two quarreling sides failed just yesterday…meaning Hostess will immediately move towards liquidating their assets and firing all workers.  Is this really what the strikers wanted?  I think not.  Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense to strike and this is definitely one of those instances.  While I will always support the right of workers to protest what they feel is wrong, such tactics should only be used sparingly and in the appropriate circumstances.  Driving your company into liquidation, however, is not one those times.  I betcha all of those striking workers are really regretting their decision now.  Why couldn’t these idiots at least wait until after the holidays?  Now, some 18,000 American workers will be “celebrating” this festive season in the unemployment line.

3. Elmo – I should start by saying that I’m not bashing Elmo directly, but his rather idiotic (and sick) puppeteer, Kevin Clash.  I’m sure most of you are aware of this story, but let me briefly recap.  Clash, who has been the voice of Elmo for nearly 30 years, was recently hit with two lawsuits.  Each of them claims that Clash, while working on Sesame Street, engaged in sexual affairs with them while they were underage minors.  Kevin, of course, is claiming that he is innocent and that, while he did have sexual relationships with each of these men, it was after they had turned 18, not before (as they both claim…each accuser is now an adult).  Now then, you might be wondering why TheLeftyWolfe is rushing to judgement on this case.  After all, each and every person sued or brought to court (for any reason) has the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.  In today’s society, though, it is quite rare for someone facing charges such as these to actually be innocent.  Unfortunately, we all have seen far too many of these cases.  Someone of great importance and/or popularity is accused of some crime in the media.  These people usually spend weeks, if not months or years, proclaiming their innocence…only to have such statements fly in their face when they are found guilty under an avalanche of evidence.  I feel that this is just such a case.  Like Lance Armstrong, Jerry Sandusky, Bernie Madoff, O.J. Simpson (see above) and many others, Clash is readily protesting his innocence, seemingly flying in the face of reality.  If Clash does end up being innocent, I will gladly retract what I have written in this space.  History tell us, though, that is not likely to happen.



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