Things I’m Loving Now (11/30/12): Michael Buble, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Bath & Body Works

Welcome to a Holiday Edition of TILN.  Read on!

1. Music – Michael Buble – If it’s X-Mas time, you bet I’m going to be playing this smash holiday CD from the Canadian crooner, Michael Buble.  I’m sure you have heard of his name, but wait until you hear his VOICE!  His holiday CD, Christmas, was released last year and it instantly became a massive hit…rocketing up the charts and staying put through the new year.  I enjoy all of the songs on this record, but a few merit mention here: Jingle Bells (featuring the amazing Puppini Sisters), White Christmas (with Shania Twain) and his solo rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  Buble’s smooth voice and his old-school versions of these classic tunes make this a timeless CD that you will bring out each and every holiday season.

2. Movies – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – No Christmas season can pass without me watching this movie at least once.  It’s a Chevy Chase classic!  In case you are one of the few unfortunate enough not to have yet seen this movie, here’s how it goes: Chase and his dysfunctional family gather at their suburban-Chicago area home for a Christmas vacation of sheer insanity that bounces from one disaster to the next…all the while you are cracking up laughing!  One of my favorite scenes has to be when the family heads out for a shopping trip at the mall.  As Chevy Chase’s character, Clark Griswold, is looking at some rather racy lingerie for his wife (the hilarious Beverly D’Angelo), the sales girl approaches him.  The next minute or two is full of Griswold attempting to stop looking at her breasts long enough to have a coherent conversation.  Let’s just say that the word “nipply” is used to great effect!  This movie also stars Juliette Lewis and Doris Roberts (the mother from Everybody Loves Raymond).

3. Shopping – Bath & Body Works – This will be the first retail store to make it onto my list, but it certainly deserves inclusion.  For those of you wanting your home to smell like Christmas or need a relatively cheap idea for presents, head to this place!  It made my list this week for it’s absolutely amazing candles.  There are three specific scents that have gotten me into this great mood: 1.) Winter – if you doubt whether or not a candle can actually smell like newly fallen snow on a Winter afternoon, it can be done!  2.) Evergreen – for all of you pine lovers out there, pick this one!  It’s fragrance is so close to that of a recently cut tree that you’ll check to see if your window is open!  3.) Holiday – for something a bit more traditional, this scented candle is heavy on cinnamon and all of those other classic holiday flavors.  Finally…if I’m not mistaken, these large candles can be purchased in multiples of two for only $20!  (Hint: stay away from Yankee Candle.  I made the mistake of going there on Black Friday and, even on that day of huge sales, they were charging $27.99 FOR JUST ONE CANDLE).


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