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House Republicans Release New List of Committee Leaders: All White Men

Want to know Reason #242 why Republicans lost Election 2012 so badly?  They just don’t seem to learn from their mistakes!  Read on for a quick recap of why this is true. In a somewhat stunning turn of events, House Republicans just released their list of committee chairmen for the next Congress set to be […]

What I Am Thankful For: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Creationism

In TheLeftyWolfe‘s VERY late Thanksgiving list, I’ve compiled a couple of things that I am currently thankful for.  Enjoy! 1. Jeb Bush – What?!?!  Chris, the super liberal, is thankful for someone, ANYONE, from the Bush family tree?  You betcha!  I’m so thankful for the younger Bush (and ex-governor from Florida) for one very simply […]

Romney: Obama Won Election Because of “Gifts” to Minorities and Young Adults

It seems as though the Republican cry-baby machine is still in full swing!  Today’s conservative sore loser?…Mitt Romney! Mitt was on a conference call earlier this week with many of his top campaign donors (ie. the rich, old white men he thought would win the election for him).  Trying to explain away his landslide loss […]

Attention Conservatives: Stop Crying About Losing The Election

Hello again, blog world!  TheLeftyWolfe decided to take a much-needed break when Election 2012 finally ended.  After a few days of rest from writing, though, I’m ready to go again!  Today’s topic will focus on a bunch of sore losers in the conservative realm who just can’t seem to accept the fact that they lost […]

The Other Side of Election 2012: Same-Sex Marriage Victories

Besides the races for President, the House and the Senate, there were many other hot topics on ballots across the nation last Tuesday.  In a stunning turn-around from previous votes, citizens in Maryland and Maine approved same-sex marriage.  Take a look below for a snapshot of same-sex marriage issues that were on state ballots this […]

The Other Side of Election 2012: Legalized Marijuana

It seems that Barack Obama and Senate Democrats are not the only ones celebrating big wins at the polls Tuesday night.  Read below for a brief review of one initiative that also saw success in the voting booth: Legalize It! – Voters in Colorado and Washington state both approved the recreational use of marijuana in […]

Obama Wins!! Why This Should be a Wake-Up Call for the Republican Party

In celebration of last night’s victory for President Obama, I would like to finish my 2012 campaign coverage with a few closing thoughts of my own: 1. A Win for Freedom – While it’s the Republican party who has somehow taken public control over words such as “Freedom” and “Liberty,” those terms are far more […]