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Things I’m Loving Now (2/1/13): The Americans,, Blake Shelton, JJ Abrams & Star Wars

In lieu of a post regarding politics (hey, even I get tired of slamming the GOP sometimes! hahaha), today’s piece will bring back Things I’m Loving Now for 2013.  Read on for a few of the artists, writers or television series I’m currently obsessed with.  Enjoy! 1. TV – The Americans – Having just premiered a […]

News Roundup: Gun Law Debate, Lance Armstrong is a Dope, Why Not India?

TheLeftyWolfe is back in action for a quick rundown of the day’s hot topics: the gun control debate, Lance Armstrong visits Oprah, our future with India. 1. Weapons Ownership Debate – After all of the gun-related tragedies that have occurred around the U.S. over the last thirteen years or so, it seems that Washington may […]

Things I’m Loving Now (12/14/12): Phillip Phillips, The Cross in the Closet

1. Music – Phillip Phillips – I may no longer watch American Idol, but this recent alum of the show has me now rethinking that decision.  I first got to know the oddly named Phillips Phillips (were his parents REALLY high when they thought of that name???) when I kept seeing his first single, Home, all […]

The U.S Supreme Court and Gay Marriage: Will Equality or Prejudice Prevail? TheLeftyWolfe Calls It!

Good day, all!  In today’s post, TheLeftyWolfe will examine the two same-sex marriage cases that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear next year.  Both of these cases, as all gay marriage cases in the past, have divided Americans across the country.  In the liberal bastions of the big cities and coastlines, choruses of support fill […]

Web Roundup: African Slave Traditions Persist, Senator Filibusters Himself

In lieu of one long article on a single topic, TheLeftyWolfe has decided to introduce a new series, Web Roundup.  Each week or so, I’ll compile a short list of two or three interesting topics from around the world and present my spin on them in a relatively short write-up (short for me, that is!).  I hope […]

Things I’m Loving Now (11/30/12): Michael Buble, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Bath & Body Works

Welcome to a Holiday Edition of TILN.  Read on! 1. Music – Michael Buble – If it’s X-Mas time, you bet I’m going to be playing this smash holiday CD from the Canadian crooner, Michael Buble.  I’m sure you have heard of his name, but wait until you hear his VOICE!  His holiday CD, Christmas, was […]

The Other Side of Election 2012: Legalized Marijuana

It seems that Barack Obama and Senate Democrats are not the only ones celebrating big wins at the polls Tuesday night.  Read below for a brief review of one initiative that also saw success in the voting booth: Legalize It! – Voters in Colorado and Washington state both approved the recreational use of marijuana in […]