Good day, all!  In today’s post, TheLeftyWolfe will examine the two same-sex marriage cases that the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to hear next year.  Both of these cases, as all gay marriage cases in the past, have divided Americans across the country.  In the liberal bastions of the big cities and coastlines, choruses of support fill […]

In lieu of one long article on a single topic, TheLeftyWolfe has decided to introduce a new series, Web Roundup.  Each week or so, I’ll compile a short list of two or three interesting topics from around the world and present my spin on them in a relatively short write-up (short for me, that is!).  I hope […]

Here at TheLeftyWolfe, we are getting REALLY tired of the never-ending talk in the media concerning the approaching fiscal cliff.  All the reporters and political instigators are speaking of this coming moment as if it will be the end of the U.S. as we know it (should the fiscal cliff measures go into full force).  This […]

Welcome to a Holiday Edition of TILN.  Read on! 1. Music – Michael Buble – If it’s X-Mas time, you bet I’m going to be playing this smash holiday CD from the Canadian crooner, Michael Buble.  I’m sure you have heard of his name, but wait until you hear his VOICE!  His holiday CD, Christmas, was […]

Want to know Reason #242 why Republicans lost Election 2012 so badly?  They just don’t seem to learn from their mistakes!  Read on for a quick recap of why this is true. In a somewhat stunning turn of events, House Republicans just released their list of committee chairmen for the next Congress set to be […]

Back from a long holiday weekend of indulgence in SC, TheLeftyWolfe is now in full swing and ready to report on today’s trending topics.  For this post, I’ll focus on all the talk of the nearly-here fiscal cliff situation that has newspapers and online sites buzzing.  Read on! First…what is the fiscal cliff? – If you […]

In TheLeftyWolfe‘s VERY late Thanksgiving list, I’ve compiled a couple of things that I am currently thankful for.  Enjoy! 1. Jeb Bush – What?!?!  Chris, the super liberal, is thankful for someone, ANYONE, from the Bush family tree?  You betcha!  I’m so thankful for the younger Bush (and ex-governor from Florida) for one very simply […]